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Tank Gauging Wireless System

The Rosemount Gauging System is designed for refineries, tank terminals and the petrochemical industry. It is a precise tank gauging system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow.

The 2410 Tank Hub handles communication from field devices to the control room. One of several commuication options is IEC 62591 (WirelessHart). Any WirelessHart device, such as a 5900 Series level gauge, can be included in the wireless network by connection to the Hub supplied with a THUM Adapter. The THUM Adapter antenna unit transmits tank data to the Smart Wireless Gateway via a wireless link.

A wireless network provides a cost-efficient and easy way to include the measured level and temperature values to a host/DCS system.
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Extreme Wireless Application

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1. Rosemount™ 5900S Radar Level Gauge
The Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge delivers ±0.5 mm (0.020 in.) instrument accuracy, reducing level measurement uncertainty to a minimum. It enhances your storage operation by providing certified custody transfer accuracy, better inventory management and reliable loss control data.
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2. Emerson Wireless 1420 Gateway
Engineered with industry-leading security, scalability and data reliability, the Emerson™ Wireless 1420 Gateway connects WirelessHART® self-organizing networks with host systems and data applications. This wireless gateway has a network capacity of up to 100 devices and is often used for installations without a junction in outdoor locations. Designed to easily connect to legacy host systems, additional devices can be added quickly without the need for configuration of the communication paths.
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3. Emerson Wireless 775 THUM™ Adapter
Make any HART® device wireless with the Emerson Wireless 775 THUM™ Adapter, an adapter that retrofits onto existing 2-, 3- or 4-wire HART devices, in almost every area, from intrinsically safe to explosionproof. The THUM Adapter wirelessly transmits HART measurement and diagnostic information from new or previously inaccessible measurement points. With the self-organizing WirelessHART® network, you can remotely manage multivariable devices, monitor device health and gather data with >99% data reliability.
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4. Rosemount™ 2160 Wireless Level Detector - Vibrating Fork
The Rosemount 2160 Wireless Level Detector is ideal for hard to reach locations. It is suitable for high and low level alarms, overfill prevention systems, and pump control with self-checking features. Cost savings of up to 60% can be realized by automating your processes that you have not been able to automate before. With remote access to process data and enhanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance, visual inspections are a thing of the past. The Rosemount 2160 is designed for energy efficiency and uses a high quality battery for a long battery life. With a 1 min update rate, the battery can last up to 10 years. This detector provides improved site safety and reliable measurement with wireless communication.
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5. Rosemount™ 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter - Guided Wave Radar
The Rosemount 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter enables automation of level and interface measurements in previously inaccessible locations. Cost savings of up to 60% can be realized by automating the processes that you have not been able to automate before. The Rosemount 3308 offers several advantages like easy installation without wiring, no calibration, and immunity to changing process conditions. With remote access to process data and enhanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance, visual inspections are a thing of the past.
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6. Emerson Wireless 1410D Gateway with Emerson Wireless 781 Field Link
Designed to connect WirelessHART® networks with host systems and data applications, the Emerson™ Wireless 1410D Gateway with 781 Field Link allows users with limited safe locations to strengthen and add to wireless networks quickly and easily. This wireless gateway uses the 781 Field Link to enable flexible remote antenna locations of up to 650 feet (200 meters) allowing the gateway to be in the control room while placing the 781 Field Link into a hazardous area. Featuring a compact size and DIN-Rail mount capability, this device is ideal for operations with limited cabinet space.
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7. Rosemount™ 3051S Coplanar™ Pressure Transmitter
The Rosemount 3051S Coplanar™ Pressure Transmitter is designed with the patented Coplanar technology and is the no-equal solution for pressure, flow and level measurements. This scalable platform, available in both wired and WirelessHART® communication protocols, seamlessly integrates with manifolds, primary elements and seal solutions and optimizes performance for accurate differential, gage and absolute pressure measurements. With the SuperModule™ platform, this transmitter resists overpressure and line pressure effects to maintain unmatched performance.
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