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Rosemount radar level gauges give you precise data for custody transfer, inventory management and loss control. They measure on all products, from crude oil and asphalt to liquefied gases, and are certified SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable for overfill prevention.

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1. Rosemount™ 5900S Radar Level Gauge
The Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge delivers ±0.5 mm (0.020 in.) instrument accuracy, reducing level measurement uncertainty to a minimum. It enhances your storage operation by providing certified custody transfer accuracy, better inventory management and reliable loss control data.
The Rosemount 5900S is normally combined with high precision multi-spot temperature sensors for highest accuracy API standard net volume calculations.
The Rosemount 5900S takes overfill safety to a higher level with an innovative 2-in-1 feature which includes two radar gauges in one housing for independent level and overfill measurement. It is SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified according to IEC 61508 and enables API 2350 compliant solutions.
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2. Rosemount™ 5900C Radar Level Gauge
The Rosemount 5900C Radar Level Gauge provides ± 1mm (0.04 in.) instrument accuracy. It is normally combined with high precision multiple spot temperature sensors for net volume calculations. It is SIL 2 certified according to IEC 61508.
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3. Rosemount™ 5408 Level Transmitter - Non-Contacting Radar
The Rosemount™ 5408 Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter uses enhanced technology and Human Centered Design to deliver accurate, reliable measurements on both liquid and solid materials. Using two-wire FMCW technology the Rosemount 5408 deploys a continuous echo to maximize radar signal strength and produce a more robust and reliable measurement. Delivering ease-of-use at every touch point, the Rosemount 5408 uses an intuitive software interface to guide the operator through installation, commissioning, proof-testing and maintenance. Safety certified to IEC 61508 for SIL 2 applications, the Rosemount 5408:SIS reduces cost of risk, increases efficiency and protects people and the environment.
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4. Rosemount™ 5300 Level Transmitter - Guided Wave Radar
The Rosemount 5300 Level Transmitter is ideal for challenging measurements on liquids, slurries, and solids, offering state of the art reliability and safety features in level and interface applications. Rosemount 5300 offers several advantages such as easy installation, no need for calibration, and is unaffected by process conditions. Also, it is SIL 2 certified making it your first choice for safety applications. It has a robust construction and features powerful built-in diagnostics allowing you to focus on the essential part - your plant.
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5. Rosemount™ 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter - Guided Wave Radar
The Rosemount 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter enables automation of level and interface measurements in previously inaccessible locations. Cost savings of up to 60% can be realized by automating the processes that you have not been able to automate before. The Rosemount 3308 offers several advantages like easy installation without wiring, no calibration, and immunity to changing process conditions. With remote access to process data and enhanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance, visual inspections are a thing of the past.
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6. Rosemount™ 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter - Non-Contacting Radar NEW PRODUCT!
The Rosemount 1208 Series provide accurate and reliable level measurement and open channel flow calculations. The series consists of different models that have been designed to solve challenges in water and wastewater applications, utilities and simple level applications. The radars use continuous non-contacting technology in a compact PVDF housing with Drinking Water, FDA, and EC 1935/2004 certifications. Its encapsulated design also withstands outdoor conditions and is submersible. The Rosemount 1208 Series has a broad range of mounting accessories and can be connected to a controller, such as the Rosemount 3490 Series.
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