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Tank Gauging Pressure

By complementing high accuracy level measurement with high performance temperature and pressure measurement, the density and mass of the product in the tank, in addition to net volume, can be continuously calculated via Rosemount™ TankMaster.

1. Rosemount™ 3051S Coplanar™ Pressure Transmitter
The Rosemount 3051S Coplanar™ Pressure Transmitter is designed with the patented Coplanar technology and is the no-equal solution for pressure, flow and level measurements. This scalable platform, available in both wired and WirelessHART® communication protocols, seamlessly integrates with manifolds, primary elements and seal solutions and optimizes performance for accurate differential, gage and absolute pressure measurements. With the SuperModule™ platform, this transmitter resists overpressure and line pressure effects to maintain unmatched performance.
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2. Rosemount™ 3051SAL Level Transmitter
Make reliable pressure measurements in extreme conditions with the Rosemount 3051SAL Level Transmitter, a best-in-class solution that offers enhanced capabilities for pressurized and vented tank level measurements. This transmitter is safety certified and engineered with advanced diagnostics for increased insight. Designed to allow direct mounting, remote mounting, balanced systems and Tuned-System™ assemblies, this device can meet a variety of demands and process requirements for level applications.
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3. Rosemount™ 2051 In-Line Pressure Transmitter
Work more efficiently with the Rosemount 2051 In-Line Pressure Transmitter, an industry standard device that delivers reliable process data. This transmitter provides accurate gage and absolute measurements and is delivered installation-ready. This pressure transmitter features an intuitive Local Operator Interface which streamlines commissioning and reduces the number of tools you need, for a cost-effective and capable solution.
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