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Rosemount™ Tank Gauging System
The Rosemount Tank Gauging System is mainly used for storage tank gauging within Tank Terminals and Refineries, and it consists of a large number of products to be combined to meet your requirements. The TankRadar level gauges and the other measurement devices, together with the TankMaster software, are integrated in the system to provide the best installed accuracy for product volume.

Overview The Engineer’s Guide to Tank Gauging Data Sheet

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Radar Level

Rosemount radar level gauges give you precise data for custody transfer, inventory management and loss control. They measure on all products, from crude oil and asphalt to liquefied gases, and are certified SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable for overfill prevention.
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Temperature and Free Water Level

Get high accuracy temperature data for net volume calculations in inventory and custody transfer applications.
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Pressure for Tank Gauging Applications

By complementing high accuracy level measurement with high performance temperature and pressure measurement, the density and mass of the product in the tank, in addition to net volume, can be continuously calculated via Rosemount™ TankMaster.
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Communication and Accessories

Emerson™ offers a complete range of communication devices and accessories for tank gauging systems. Tank data is communicated via the Rosemount™ 2410 Tank Hub to the Rosemount 2460 System Hub.
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Inventory Management

Enables real-time overview of oil movement, inventory and custody transfer operations.
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Overfill Protection

Overfill prevention is based on trust. Human lives are at stake. The environment. Your brand image and financials.
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Tank gauging emulation lets you seamlessly replace old or malfunctioning field or control room equipment with modern and reliable devices based on radar technology. The existing cabling and communication protocol can still be used. Lower maintenance costs, improved safety and more efficient operations are some of the benefits. You decide the pace, and the money you save along the way is available for new investments.
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Wireless System

The Wireless Tank Gauging System is based on IEC 62591 (WirelessHART®), the industry standard for wireless field networks. The reduced field wiring leads to large savings in infrastructure, design and labor required for installation and commissioning. No hot work is required and production downtime is minimized.
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