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Mankenberg Industrial Valves

Mankenberg's product range comprises industrial valves for controlling the pressure, level and flow of liquids, gases and steam, such as pressure reducing valves, venting/bleeding valves, level control valves, steam traps and many more.

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Pressure Control Valves

Pressure control valves comprise all spring-actuated valves which feature the required specific procedural parameters such as inlet or outlet pressures or differential pressures, flow rates or other setpoints.
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Bleeding and Venting Valves

Bleeding and venting valves separate air or other gases from a liquid depending on the level of such liquid. Thus bleeding and venting valves contribute to the efficiency and enchance the safety of the plant. This emphasises the importance and necessity of a professional design for such valves to enchance the safety of your plant.
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Steam Traps

Steam traps automatically drain condensate without loss of steam or gas. They operate instantaneously and are not affected by backpressure or pressure fluctuations. They do not require an external energy input.
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Float Valves

Depending on the design and the liquid level in a tank, float valves control the inflow and outflow of liquid media. Float valves are available in various versions and materials or material combinations (cast steel, steel and stainless steel) according to requirements.
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Pipeline Ancillaries

Pipeline ancillaries comprise active or passive components for pipeline construction as well as for measuring and control technology.
Various devices and components are available in the proven quality that Mankenberg offers, from filters and liquid separators through to sight glasses for high pressures for high temperature applications.
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Control Valves

Control valves are motor or pneumatically actuated valves for automated procedural applications.
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Spare parts and accessories, such as manometers or float balls, complete the need for components for the construction of process plants.
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