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Cooper Crouse-Hinds (NEC)
This comprehensive range of products enables Cooper Crouse-Hinds to provide the most complete solution for electrical equipment and lighting product requirements for all modern petrochemical process and handling facilities.


Fittings lists a wide variety of conduit outlet boxes, terminator cable fittings, junction box and seals for both hazardous and non-hazardous area use.
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Myers Hubs

Myers Hubs are used in the termination of electrical circuits through wall of the enclosure
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Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives

Highly flexible AC drives designed specifically for hazardous area locations. These drives can be mounted next to the motor in the classified area, providing significant installation cost savings.
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Control & Circuit Breakers

It's included combination motor starters and enclosures, control stations and rack assemblies.
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PowerPlus factory sealed Panelboards provide flexibility and labor savings when installed, and for future changes in the field. Panels are prewired to maximum circuit capacity and ratings with field replaceable factory sealed components.
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Signal and Alarms

Signal and Alarms provides the essential components for an integrated alarm and signaling system in areas made hazardous by flammable vapors, gases or dusts.
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Cooper Crouse-Hinds lighting products provide effective light distribution patterns, efficient operation and long-term reliability so that you not only get safety and productivity but low installation and operating costs.
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Plugs & Receptacles

Distributor of electric plugs & receptacles. Electric plugs & receptacles are designed to withstand harsh environments. Electric plugs & receptacles are available for heavy duty industrial applications including mining, petrochemical plants, refrigerated container & food processing industries.
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