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Multi-Parameter Measuring Systems

Multi-parameter monitoring of the brewing water.
1. BactoSense TCC NEW PRODUCT!
Automatic flow cytometer for microbiological monitoring of drinking water

This automatic flow cytometer has been specially developed according to the needs of the water industry for the microbiological monitoring of drinking water. The entire program sequence – from sampling, adding reagent, mixing and incubation all the way through to measurement and cleaning – is carried out quickly and is fully automated.
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2. ScrubberGuard NEW PRODUCT!
Measuring system for monitoring exhaust gas purification systems

The certified measuring system ScrubberGuard reliably and continuously measures the parameters of the scrubber wash water, such as turbidity, pH and oil-in-water, in accordance with the guidelines for exhaust gas treatment systems MEPC.259 (68). Exact recalibration without the use of chemicals allows a long-term stable measurement and reduces maintenance to a minimum. The ScrubberGuard was specifically designed for the challenging process and environmental conditions of this application.
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3. AquaDMS
Water Disinfection Measuring System.

The measuring system includes everything needed for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensor, assembly and wiring – pre-mounted on a measuring panel. The system is used for measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. Measuring parameter and measuring range can be chosen in the menu.
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4. AquaMaster
Multi-Parameter Measuring System for Water Treatment Works

AquaMaster is a compact measuring system for the following parameters: turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The various parameters can be combined individually. The colour touch screen of the AquaScat is the central control and display unit, as well as the connection to the host control system.
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