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Inventory Management Software

TankMaster is a powerful easy-to-use Windows-based inventory management software package. It provides configuration, service, setup, inventory and custody transfer functions for Rosemount tank gauging systems.

Technical Descriptions
Alarm Handling:

Safety alarms can be configured tank by tank, and alarm sounds can be customized for different alarm types such as:
  • HiHi, Hi, LoLo and Lo for level
  • HiHi, Hi, LoLo and Lo for level rate
  • Hi and Lo for temperature
  • Leakage alarms for both level and volume

  • Batch

    The powerful batch function provides live batch status about all batches planned for the future, the ones that are running and also for finished batches.

    Information about finished batches is also available in Access database files.

    The user decides if the batch should be based on level, volume or mass. Status windows are available for which the user can overview each batch – when the batch was started, how much has been transferred, when the batch will be finished / remaining time, and also information entered by the user.

    Group Configuration

    New tank groups can easily be created and named. The user decides which tanks should be included in the different groups, and which data should be visible in each group view.

    Integration of Other Vendors

    TankMaster (TM) has pre-defined units which make it easy to read data from Enraf, and E&H MDPII systems. TM can also read datafrom any system supporting Modbus RTU and/or OPC DA.

    Inventory Control

    The powerful and easy-to-configure inventory calculations are performed by the TankMaster software, which supports both API and ISO tables for volume (gross and net) and mass. TankMaster also performs real time density calculations.


    Scheduled reports can be configured. These can be saved as a file, in txt or pdf format, or sent to a printer.


    TankMaster can be translated to your language.
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