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Wireless Rosemount Tank Gauging System

The Rosemount TankRadar Rex and Pro tank gauging system from Emerson now includes Emerson Smart Wireless functionality. High precision tank gauging with better inventory and loss control can be made available anywhere on the plant at a much smaller cost than before.

The 2410 Tank Hub handles communication from field devices to the control room. One of several commuication options is IEC 62591 (WirelessHart). Any WirelessHart device, such as a 5900 Series level gauge, can be included in the wireless network by connection to the Hub supplied with a THUM Adapter. The THUM Adapter antenna unit transmits tank data to the Smart Wireless Gateway via a wireless link.

A wireless network provides a cost-efficient and easy way to include the measured level and temperature values to a host/DCS system.
Emerson Wireless Automatic Tank Gauging Brochure
Extreme Wireless Application

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Wireless TankRadar Pro

TankRadar Pro, now with wireless, is a powerful multi-purpose radar level gauge for all types of applications. Smart Wireless provides cost-efficient measurement data for operational control.

Smart Wireless Gateway

The Smart Wireless Gateway is the WirelessHART network manager which provides an interface between the field devices and the TankMaster inventory software or host / DCS systems.

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Smart Wireless THUM™ Adapter with Connection Box

The Smart Wireless THUM™ adapter is integrated with a connection box, which allows the THUM adapter to be installed away from the radar gauge at the best possible tank roof position.

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