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1. Plug guard
Fits all CEE plugs, panel mounted and wall mounted inlets from 16A, 3P, up to 125A, 5P (not for low voltage)

2. Cleanset
Care of the plugs and sockets is mainly focussed on the plug pins and should begin as soon as possible-preferably before first use.

3. Test Plug
Phase sequence test plugs
to VDE 0413, part 7, DIN-EN61557-7.

4. Protective cover
for watertight plugs, wall mounted and panel mounted inlets.

5. Hinged windows
  • with protective cover.
  • with knurled screws.
  • 2-12 module.
  • electric grey.
  • available in IP44 & IP67.

  • 6. Enclosure
  • AMAPLAST material.
  • electric grey.
  • available in IP44 & IP67.

  • 7. BitBox / Mini connector
  • Serving as screwdriver kit.
  • Small, compact and smart
  • Consisting of: Handle in form of a mini CEE connector, Holds bits with a magnet, 3 Philips bits, 3 slotted bits.
  • Bits and bit holder also fit battery- operated screwdrivers.
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