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MEDC are designers and manufacturers of alarm, signal, control and communications equipment for railways since 1975. They have developed a range of products specifically designed for use in areas where harsh environmental conditions prevail, such as railways, and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres.

Ex-Manual Call Points

These products are available in breakglass and pushbutton versions. These explosion-proof call points are available as intrinsically safe (EExia), flameproof (EExd) versions. Uncertified versions are available for harsh industrial and marine safe area applications. Many options are available including body colour, lift flaps and resistors.
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Ex-Status Lamps

These versatile status lights are available with LED, Xenon, filament and fluorescent lights. Explosion-proof and uncertified versions are available.
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Ex-Beacons / Strobes

These certified beacons are suitable for use where a light weight combined with corrosion resistance and strength is required. Beacons are available in LED, Xenon, rotating, beacon / sounder combination and steady beacon versions. Several MEDC products are suitable for helideck, perimeter and obstruction lighting.
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Ex-Sounders / Horns

Our range of lightweight, flameproof sounders has been designed for the most hostile environments. Outputs of 103dB(A) to 118dB(A) at 1m are available. The range also includes a voice sounder which has the facility for up to 20 seconds of speech, recordable either by integral microphone or through an external source. In addition, a 'mechanical bell' sound is available - a lighter, corrosion-free alternative to a mechanical alarm bell.
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MEDC offer a comprehensive range of explosionproof loudspeakers for use in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres which use MEDC proprietary GRP technology to offer a cost effective, robust and corrosion-free solution compared to metal loudspeakers.
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Ex-Heat Detectors

The MEDC-Hawco heat detector has been designed for use in hazardous environments. These units consist of a Fenwal rate-compensated detector and mounted to either a marine grade alloy enclosure (EExd version) or a GRP corrosion-free enclosure (EExia, EExem versions). Typical applications include fire alarm and/or suppression systems in offshore and onshore locations.
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