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Pressure Control Valves

Pressure control valves comprise all spring-actuated valves which feature the required specific procedural parameters such as inlet or outlet pressures or differential pressures, flow rates or other setpoints.

1. Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure reducing valves reduce a high and frequently fluctuating pressure to an adjustable constant pressure downstream of the valve. A spring keeps the valve open and this closes as the outlet pressure rises.
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2. Backpressure Regulators
Overflow valves control an adjustable constant pressure upstream of the valve. A spring keeps the valve close. As the inlet pressure rises the valve opens.
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3. Sliding Gate Valves
High-efficiency Pressure Reducing Valve - DM 307, 308 & High-efficiency Backpressure Regulator - UV 6.7, 6.8
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4. Burst Pipe Isolating Valves
Cast Valve for high Flow Rates - RS 219 & Burst Pipe Isolating Valve for Hazardous Media - RS 659
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5. Flow Control and Differential Pressure Valves
Valves Fabricated to Meet your Needs - DV 652
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6. Vacuum Breakers and Vacuum Control Valves
Vacuum control valves are pressure reducing or overflow valves which control pressures below 1 bara.
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7. Safety Valves
Safety valves are the ultimate protection device for tanks and pipelines. They prevent pressure limits being exceeded once all automatic control and monitoring equipment has failed.
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8. Pilot-operated Control Valves
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9. Surge Relief Valves
Surge Relief Valve (Peak Load) - SR 6.2
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