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Process Calibration Tools

Fluke process calibration tools include a full range of calibrators and troubleshooting tools for Instrument technicians working in the process industries.

1. Fluke 730G Smart Digital Pressure Calibrator NEW PRODUCT!
The Fluke 730G Smart Digital Pressure Calibrator combines the performance of a precision test gauge with the power of a loop calibrator and also includes internal HART communication capabilities. When used with a pressure test pump the Fluke 730G becomes a high-efficiency, highly accurate calibrator that can test pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure transmitters making it ideal for instrument shops, gauge labs and pressure laboratories.
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2. Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester NEW PRODUCT!
The Fluke 710 Valve Testing Loop Calibrator is designed to enable users to perform quick, easy tests on HART smart control valves. Featuring built-in test procedures and an intuitive user interface, the 710 allows users to quickly and easily perform valve tests, while the valve test quick-check results provide at-a-glance diagnostics help you make maintenance decisions faster than ever.
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3. Fluke 714B Thermocouple Calibrator
For the temperature calibration professional that wants a highly accurate, easy-to-use, single function thermocouple temperature calibrator the Fluke 714B is the ideal test tool.
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4. Fluke 712B RTD Calibrator
For the temperature calibration professional that wants a highly accurate, easy-to-use, single function RTD temperature calibrator the Fluke 712B is the ideal test tool.
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5. Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules
The 750P Series Pressure Modules are the ideal pressure modules to enable gage, differential and absolute pressure measurement with Fluke 750 and 740 series DPCs and 725, 726 MPCs to measure pressure.
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6. Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator
The Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator has been designed specifically with process technicians in mind to simplify the pres­sure calibration process and provide faster, more accurate test results. Technicians know that calibrating pressure can be a time-consuming task, but the 729 makes it easier than ever with an internal electric pump that provides automatic pressure generation and regulation in an in an easy-to-use, rugged, portable package.
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7. 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator
The 719Pro includes a full functioning loop calibrator that sources, simulates and measures mA signals and more making it the ideal test tool for calibrating high accuracy transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges. The 719Pro features high accuracy pressure measurements and an onboard electric pressure pump that can generate up to 300 psi (20 bar), which eliminates the need for an external hand pump.
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8. Fluke 721 Dual Range Pressure Calibrator
The ideal tool for gas custody transfer applications is the Fluke 721 Precision Pressure Calibrator. With dual isolated pressure sensors, it allows you to take simultaneous static and differential pressure measurements with a single tool. The 721 can be configured by selecting either a 16 PSI (1.1 bar) or 36 psi (2.48 bar) low pressure sensor and then adding your choice of 7 high pressure ranges including 100, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 or 5000 psi (6.9, 20, 24.5, 69, 103.4, 200, 345 bar).
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9. Fluke 709H Precision Loop Calibrator with HART Communications/Diagnostics
The Fluke 709H mA loop calibrator is designed to save time and produce high-quality results. The 709H offers HART communication and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands. This makes the 709H unique as both an affordable, compact loop calibrator and powerful HART communication tool.
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10. Fluke 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators
The new Fluke 753 and 754 give you an easier to read screen, newer software, improved battery life, USB ports, and more. They operate just like the 743 and 744
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11. Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator
Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator measure and source mA, volts, temperature (RTDs and thermocouples), frequency, ohms, and pressure, using optional pressure modules. This Fluke multifunction process calibrator features a split display lets you view input and output values simultaneously.
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12. Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter
The popular Fluke 771 mA Clamp Meter saves time by making fast, accurate measurements on 4-20 mA signal loops without breaking the circuit.
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13. Fluke 772 Milliamp Process Calibrator
The Fluke 772 mA Clamp Meter expand upon the capabilities of the popular 771 mA Clamp Meter, adding loop power and mA sourcing to the troubleshooting and process calibration capabilities in all Fluke mA clamp meters.
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14. Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter
The Fluke 773 mA Clamp Meter is Fluke’s premier mA Clamp Meter, providing you with the best in troubleshooting and process calibration power.
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15. Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator
The Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator is designed specifically for the Process industry with broad workload coverage, calibration power and unsurpassed accuracy in mind. The 726 measures and sources almost all process parameters and can calibrate almost anything. The 726 will also interpret results without the help of a calculator and store measurement data for later analysis.
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16. Fluke 717, 718 and 719 Pressure Calibrators
Fluke pressure modules extend the measurement range of the 717, 718 and 719 pressure calibrators.
  • The Fluke 717 Pressure Calibrators
    delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. These calibrators are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • The Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrator
    family (includes 4 models) provide a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges and switches.
  • The Fluke 719 Electric Pressure Calibrator
    provides pressure calibration at your fingertips!
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17. Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrators
The Fluke 724 can measure and source 12 thermocouple types and seven RTD types, plus volts and ohms. The 724 even handles high-speed pulsed RTD circuits and provides loop power.
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18. Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™
The Fluke 789 ProcessMeter is the ultimate troubleshooting tool for electricians and instrumentation professionals. It combines the functionality of a loop calibrator with the power of a digital multimeter, and the wireless capabilities of Fluke Connect connectivity with optional IR3000FC module. The 789 has a display that's not only twice as large as the Fluke 787B, but also twice as bright with two levels of backlighting. And its built-in, selectable 250 ohm HART® resistor eliminates the need to carry a separate resistor.
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19. Fluke 787B ProcessMeter™
The Fluke 787B ProcessMeter™ doubles troubleshooting capabilities by combining the power of a safety rated digital multimeter and mA loop calibrator into a single, compact test tool.
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20. Fluke 715 Volt/mA Calibrator
The Fluke 715 Volt/ mA Calibrator delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. Offered in the rugged Fluke 80 Series DMM package, the calibrator is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. With a push button interface similar to the multifunction Fluke 740 Series Documenting Process Calibrators, the 715 is easy to use. It is EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant, and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.
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21. Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator
The Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator is a high performance solution for calibration, repair and maintenance of current loops. The new "Quick Click" knob making it extremely fast and easy to use.
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22. Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator
The new Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator is a cost-effective, integrated solution for calibration, repair and maintenance of current loops.
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