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Digital Multimeters

Fluke offers a wide assortment of multimeters to fit every need.

1. Fluke 27 II/28 II Industrial Multimeter
The NEW Fluke 27 II and 28 II digital multimeters define a new standard for operating in harsh conditions with the features and accuracy to troubleshoot most electrical problems. Both meters have IP 67 (waterproof and dustproof) rating, MSHA approvals, extended operating temperature range of -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F, -40 °C for up to 20 minutes) and 95 % humidity, and have been designed and tested to withstand a 3 m (10 ft) drop. The new Fluke 20 Series Multimeters are built to work in the toughest environments.
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2. Fluke 80 Series V Digital Multimeters
The new Fluke 87V has improved measurement functions, trouble-shooting features, resolution and accuracy to solve more problems on motor drives, in plant automation, power distribution and electro-mechanical equipment.

The New 80 Series consists of the following models:
  • Fluke 83 V Industrial DMM.
  • Fluke 87 V True RMS Industrial DMM.
  • Fluke 87 V/E2 Industrial Electricians Combo Kit.
  • Data logging DMM available.
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3. Fluke 88V Automotive Multimeter
The Fluke 88V has improved measurement functions, troubleshooting features and accuracy to solve more problems on conventional and hybrid vehicles. The 88V is made in the U.S.A. and carries the industry leading lifetime warranty.

The Fluke 88V operates very similar to the classic Fluke 88, but with more problem solving power, safety, convenience and impact protection.
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4. Fluke 179 Display Multimeter
True-rms digital multimeter designed with a built-in thermomenter. Two tools in one.

The new Fluke 179 has features and functions needed to troubleshoot your equipment and plant.
  • True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non linear loads.
  • Large digit displya with analog bargraph.
  • Display backlight for work in dark areas.
  • Temperature and capacitance.
  • Records minimum and maximum values to aid in troubleshooting.
  • Free your hands with the magnetic hanger included in this combo kit.
  • Durability backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Includes thermocouple probe, integral holster and test leads.
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5. Fluke 117 Electrician's Multimeter with Non-Contact voltage
Compact true-rms meter for commercial applications. The Fluke 117 is the ideal meter for demanding settings like commercial buildings, hospitals and schools. The 117 includes integrated non-contact voltage detection to help get the job done faster.
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6. Fluke 115 Field Service Technicians Multimeter
Compact true-rms meter for field service technicians. The Fluke 115 is the solution for a wide variety of electrical and electronic testing applications.
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7. Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter
Compact true-rms meter for electrical troubleshooting. The Fluke 114 is the troubleshooting tool for “go/no-go” testing. It includes a feature to prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage.
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8. Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter
Compact true-rms meter for HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) troubleshooting. The Fluke 116 was specifically designed for the HVAC professional. It has everything needed in an HVAC meter including temperature and microamp measurements to quickly troubleshoot problems with HVAC equipment and flame sensors.
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9. Fluke 77 IV Digital Multimeter
The Fluke 77-IV digital multimeter has the features needed to repair most electrical and electronic problems. This meter is simple to use and has significant improvements over Fluke's original 70 Series with more measurement functions, conformance to the latest safety standards, and a much larger display that's easier to view.
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10. Fluke 289 True-rms Industrial Logging Multimeter
The industrial meter for demanding users.

New diagnostic functionality for maximizing productivity in the plant. The 289 is the next generation high performance industrial logging multimeter designed to solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment. With the ability to log data and review it graphically on-screen, you can solve problems faster and help minimize downtime. Let the new 289 be your watchdog for systems or processes while you are off solving other problems.
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11. Fluke 287 True-rms Electronics Logging Multimeter
The Fluke 287 True-rms Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture quickly documents design performance and graphically displays what happened. Its’ unique logging and graphing capabilities mean you no longer need to download logged readings to a PC to detect a trend. The Fluke 287 packs more accuracy and convenience into a handheld multimeter than ever before, putting more problem solving power in your hands. It is the ultimate handheld tool for demanding applications that require high-precision.
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12. Fluke 113 Utility Multimeter
The Fluke 113 Digital Multimeter gives users the means to quickly and easily do basic meter set and reconnect testing. This meter is simple-to-use and has the features needed to repair most electrical problems. The Fluke 113 has significant improvements over other digital multimeters available on the market, including Fluke model 7-600. Using the Fluke VCHEK™ LoZ low impedance measurement function, users can simultaneously test for voltage or continuity. The Min/Max function lets you record signal fluctuations. The Fluke 113 can perform diode tests, and also provides both auto and manual ranging capabilities. With features such as conformance to the latest safety standards, backlight, and a much larger display that’s easier to view, this meter is a must have for every toolbox.
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13. Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
Now you can work in two places at once. With the new Fluke 233 Wireless Remote Display Multimeter you don’t need the help of another person when reading the display. Standing on ladders, tangling long test leads, or calling on a second person while testing are all now a thing of the past. Measure safely while placing the meter in hazardous areas, in clean rooms or near moving machinery. The Fluke 233 is a tool that will make your job easier.
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