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Cooper Crouse-Hinds / CEAG (IEC)
We provide a comprehensive range of explosion-protected electrical equipment, including fluorescent light fittings, emergency lighting, switches, terminal boxes, control stations, portable lamps, connectors and plugs.

Portable Ex-Lamps

Explosion-protected torch-, handlamps and seachlights for use in zone 0, 1, 21 and 22 hazadous areas as well as operation conform to ADR-guideline (94/55/EC).
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Ex-Fluorescent Light Fittings
Ex fluorescent light fittings can be used all over the world and are suited for lighting applications in hazardous areas where special requirements apply, e.g. offshore platforms in the North Sea or refineries in the Middle East. The different light fitting families allow their optimum use in various environments.
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Ex-Emergency Light and Signal Luminaires

Escape sign luminaires can be adapted to suit the requirements of our customers and can be used for central or local emergency lighting systems in hazardous areas. Robust polycarbonate and aluminium enclosures, an energy-saving LED technology and a high degree of protections are the special characteristics of these luminaires.
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Ex-Ceiling, Pendant Lights and Floodlights

Ex-Ceiling, pendant lights and floodlights are designed for the use of metal-halide lamps or high pressure sodium lamps which enables together with optimized reflectors a high efficient illumination. Easy installation and maintenance procedures results smaller operating costs of our luminaires.
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Ex-Plugs and Sockets

Plugs and receptacles acc. to IEC 60309 from 10A up to 125A.
eXLink: easy-to-use 'hot swap' disconnect for electrical apparatus.
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Ex-Junction Boxes

Our terminal boxes are available made of moulded plastic, light alloy or stainless steel. We offer junction boxes in moulded plastic and light alloy versions.
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Ex-Cable Glands

Cable entries made of moulded plastic or metal. Ex-e, Ex-i and Ex-d versions from M12 M100. ISO and NPT threads.
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Ex-protected installation units and Ex-protected installation material offers a great variety of industrial applications for nearly every request the best sollution.
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Ex-Control Units and Control Stations

At the heart of every electrical system is the control station. Even under the most adverse conditions, CEAG's control stations can be used and operated reliably.
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Ex-Safety Switches

Safety switches are used to reliably isolate the power supply on electrical installations and apparatus during maintenance, cleaning and repair work.
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The XDT dry-type, resin-encapsulated transformers provide safe and efficient electric power distribution in extreme harsh and hazardous locations.
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